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Martin S. Wolf

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ggressive Criminal Defense Representation Southern California

Martin S. Wolf, appearances throughout the local and national media are no accident. Our attorneys have dedicated their careers to taking on the most challenging, high-profile criminal defense cases, from coast to coast. We have built a reputation on our willingness to put in the work necessary to succeed.

Just samples of the types of cases we represent include:

Appeals * Arson * Bribery * Credit Card Fraud * Criminal Trademark and Copyright Infringement * Drug Offenses * DUI

Embezzlement * Environmental/Industrial Accident Crimes * Extortion * Federal Crimes * Grand Jury/Pre-Indictment Investigations  

 Health Care Fraud * Insurance Fraud * Juvenile matters * Mail and Wire Fraud * Money Laundering * Murder * RICO matters    

Sex Crimes * Tax Evasion * Vehicular Manslaughter * Violent Crimes * Weapons Charges * White Collar Crimes